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ACE to help fill the voucher tuition gap in Douglas County

By | March 18th, 2011

One criticism leveled against the voucher program approved in Douglas County is that it might not cover the tuition of a private school education, putting it out of reach for those who arguably need it most.

Enter the Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE), a Denver-based non-profit that has provided more than 6,000 scholarships to kids in need over the past ten years.

Jonathan Tee, chief of operations for ACE, was at the Douglas County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday night, and read a letter from Norton Rainey, the group’s executive director.

“As a part of our commitment to the low-income families of Colorado, ACE will create a special campaign to raise funds from private individuals and corporations specifically for the low-income families that participate in the Choice scholarships [Douglas County] program. ACE scholarships are a four-year commitment, with a maximum annual scholarship of $2,000 for K-8, and $3,000 for 9-12, which will be in addition to the voucher.”

Making private education a viable goal for low-income children? Awesome.

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