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Appeals Court weighs DougCo school vouchers: Will families be able to give thanks?

By | November 21st, 2012

While some Douglas County students will have to wait even longer for an extra reason to give thanks, at least they can know for now their case was argued well.

The school board in DougCo, Colorado’s third-largest school district serving more than 60,000 students, gained national notoriety for the unprecedented step of adopting a private school choice program. District leaders have demonstrated both a consistent confidence in their ability to educate well the vast majority of students who come through their doors, as well as the humility to accept that some families may be better served by educational options the school district can’t directly provide. These include families who want more math and science in the curriculum, who have students with special needs, or who seek an educational program more in line with their values.

On the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 19, the Colorado Court of Appeals gave an hour listening to arguments from attorneys in the case of Larue v Colo State Board of Education. At issue is the fate of the Douglas County Choice Scholarship Program, unanimously adopted by the school board in March 2011, and parent-directed educational opportunity for 500 students in the program’s pilot phase.

Read the full post at the Independence Institute’s Education Policy Center.

[Above, an i2i video in July 2011, explaining the voucher program.]

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