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Colorado Education Association says let’s go to the video

By | January 8th, 2013

The Colorado Education Association, the union that represents some 40,000 teachers, other school staff and retirees in the state, has launched no less than 18 videos to kick off 2013, promoting their vision of public education.

They’re divided into three categories of six videos apiece: student learning, professional excellence and economic investment.

“I think we’re at the point in education funding in this state, that no matter how efficient we made the system, we simply don’t have enough funds to do it,” said Tina Mueh, president of the Boulder Valley Education Association and a middle school science teacher, in the video above. “We simply don’t have enough funds to cover all the things that we’d like to pay for in public education, not to mention all the social services that are also hurting because of our lack of funding in this state. We simply don’t have enough revenue. And that, of course, is tied to the fact that we have things like TABOR and Gallagher that put weird restrictions on the funding and the resources available for funding public education.”

Or, as Ed is Watching put it in a preview of the state legislative session that opens on Wednesday, “Run for cover, and hold onto your wallets!”

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