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Former Ohio Gov.: “I changed Michael Bennet’s diapers.”

By | October 30th, 2010

We shoot a lot of political video and this is one that just made me laugh.

Richard Celeste is the president of Colorado College in Colorado Springs. U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., worked in Celeste’s office when Celeste was governor of Ohio.

But they apparently go WAAAAY back, to Bennet’s infancy, when Celeste was executive assistant to the U.S. Ambassador to India in New Delhi in the 1960s. Bennet’s father also worked for the ambassador.

Here’s what Celeste said at rally for Democrats on Oct. 22, sponsored by college Democrats on campus.

“I’m delighted to be with you and to speak for a few moments - not as the president of Colorado College - but as an individual who cares deeply about the political process. I’ve spent a lot of my life involved in it, and who has a very close personal attachment to our current United States Senator, the man I hope we can return to office on November second, Michael Bennet.

“I changed Michael Bennet’s diapers, in India…I am sure that never again in my life will I be able to claim that I changed the diapers of a United States Senator. Michael’s father was one of my very dearest friends, we served together in India in the 1960s. And so I’ve known Michael Bennet, literally, since he was born. And when I was governor of Ohio; for two years, after he graduated from Wesleyan University, he worked as an intern in my office; really as a staffer for me and was extraordinary then and has been extraordinary every since.”

Celeste went on to introduce Susan Daggett, Bennet’s wife, who was there as his campaign surrogate in the U.S. Senate race against Republican Ken Buck.

I’m glad Bennet had someone of Celeste’s caliber changing his diapers back in the day. My question is: who’s going to clean up the mess in Washington?

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