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Hickenlooper: “Businesses aren’t bad, right? Businesses are good.”

By | July 5th, 2010

On July 4 in the heart of Colorado Red Country - Douglas County - Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hickenlooper claimed Republicans are in a bind taking him on.

“We’re going to cause ‘em a lot of trouble this campaign,” said Hickenlooper in Highlands Ranch, touting his success in business and pursuit of what he called “smaller government that’s more effective” as Denver mayor since 2003.

Republicans - and independent voters - may have trouble, but their trouble will be figuring out how Hickenlooper would govern the state.

“Now the bottom line is this campaign is going to be about jobs,” said Hickenlooper [at 2:26 of the video above.] “But it’s also going to be about what kind of a Colorado we want. And just as we’ve got to change our brand and be pro-business, we’ve got to help our small businesses, right? In the end, we’re underwater in educational funding, transportation funding, higher ed, health care.

“We need more money in every part of government, and yet, trust me, all around the state no one wants higher taxes. So the only real solution is to get our business, our economy, going on fire. And we can do that, and still protect our environment, right? Still make sure that we take care of those folks that are in the safety net. The focus has to be, though, that we change our attitude and say, all right: Businesses aren’t bad, right? Businesses are good. We’ve just got to make sure we keep…hold them to the same high standards we hold ourselves.

“And we can do that and make this state, you know, we already live in the most beautiful state in the world, right? We’ll make sure that it’s also the most economically robust state and that we have the best school system, the best transportation system, the best health care system, on earth.”

Liberal talking point: We need more money for government. Conservative talking point: No one wants higher taxes. Conclusion: Set the economy on fire.

Would Hickenlooper as governor set Colorado’s economy ablaze by cutting business taxes and red tape? Who knows? His recent column walking back his previous remarks on Colorado’s oil-and-gas rules was described by a commenter on Colorado Pols as starting “off with an apology for being a panderer, and then failed to clarify his position on anything.”

Hickenlooper talks about positive campaigning and branding the state and wanting to have a “conversation.”

But as Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey (a Republican who IS causing trouble - for unions, bureaucrats and big-government spenders) has proven through straight talk backed up by action, taxpayers want leadership, tough choices and real solutions. Not a brand. Not a conversation.

[Post updated 7/6/10.]

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