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Hickenlooper on Obama: “100 percent community activist”

By | October 26th, 2010

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper likes President Barack Obama. No, I mean really likes him. As in, fawning. WhoSaidYouSaid compiled some of his remarks since 2006 and put them into a fun video: “Hickenlooper & Obama: A Love Story.”

What’s not so funny is how little we know about the influence the President and his Administration have on Hickenlooper, particularly if he were to be elected governor of Colorado a week from now.

Nov. 3 (sad to say for those who are not political junkies) kicks off the 2012 presidential campaign. It would be a shame if Colorado’s governing priorities and policies the next two years were a stalking horse for the Obama campaign’s re-election effort in Colorado.

And don’t doubt that Colorado will be the national battleground. For Obama to be seen as losing a Rocky Mountain state in 2012 that was the stage of his presidential nominating glory in 2008 (thanks, in part, to Hickenlooper’s efforts) would launch endless TV, radio, Web and print commentaries about the president’s political weakness.

To get down to cases, what is Hickenlooper’s view of the president’s signature issue, health-care reform, and its effect on millions of Coloradans in future years?

In June, Hickenlooper gave his pros and cons on the law, then said that Colorado is “uniquely poised to be kind of the test case of where do we find the improvements, where in those 2,800 pages are hidden consequences that weren’t anticipated and how do we get them fixed?”

Colorado as “kind of the test case” is not the change I’m hoping for on ObamaCare.

We’ve seen what happens when a “100 percent community activist” becomes president. Coloradans don’t want that in their next governor.

The quotes below (and video clips above) are from the sources noted:

HICKENLOOPER: “Let me say, let me say very quickly that anyone who’s read his 1995 memoir, ‘Dreams from My Father,’ know that he is part-philosopher, part-sociologist, part-historian, but 100 percent community activist. Let me introduce one of the greatest men alive in America, Senator Barack Obama.”

- from Barack Obama podcast at Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver,, Oct. 24, 2006


HICKENLOOPER: “But I ran on change, on transparency, no back-room deals. I ran on attracting talented people to government and making it accountable. It’s all very similar to the stuff that Barack Obama’s talking about. It’s just a new way of doing things. Not using the same old tired models.”

- from interview with John Hickenlooper (story and podcast), NewWest.Net, July 16, 2008

INTERVIEWER: ["We're asking users at all of our upload booths around town]…to answer the question, or complete this statement, ‘I’m nominating Barack Obama because…’ Would you mind doing that for us?”

HICKENLOOPER: “I’m nominating Barack Obama because I believe he has the greatest vision and the greatest leadership skills of probably any politician I’ve ever seen. That he has the ability to bring people together and inspire them to work harder, to reach higher, to achieve things that they couldn’t otherwise do. And you know, when you look at how the world responds to him, I mean there’s no one else that could actually bring us back into, you know, the leader of the world.”

- from “Mayor John Hickenlooper: Backstage at the Pepsi Center,” 2008conventions, Aug. 26, 2008


OBAMA: “How are you?”
HICKENLOOPER: “I’m doing just great. I want to just, you know, you’re doing such a great job. Congratulations.”
OBAMA: “Well let’s just finish it up. Let’s finish here in Colorado.”
HICKENLOOPER: “As the other slender Democrat with a funny last name, I am delighted to see you doing so well.”

- from public service announcement, HicktownTV, Oct. 29, 2008


WALSH: “Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper is taking the weekend to decide if he wants to jump into the governor’s race. According to The Denver Post, he even got some encouragement from the White House. CBS4′s Howard Nathan is live at the state Capitol tonight. And Howard, how do you say no to the President?”

- from “Mayor takes weekend to decide on Gov’s race,” CBS4 Denver, Jan. 10, 2010


OBAMA: “Mayor John Hickenlooper of Denver, who also is running for the governor of Colorado. I hope you all talk to him still, even when he becomes governor.”

- from U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting,, Jan. 21, 2010

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