Pres. Obama in Fort Collins, running like 2008 — into a 2012 reality

By | August 28th, 2012

Pres. Obama’s attempt to stir the youth voted landed Tuesday on the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

The crowd was reported to be 13,000 by The Denver Post, an echo of the 40,000-plus that The Post estimated rallied there four years ago for then-U.S. Sen. Obama a week before the 2008 president election.

Something else has changed since 2008: the “Hope and Change” candidate now has an economic record as president to run on - or deflect - as the case may be.

The unemployment rate in February 2009, shortly after Pres. Obama took office, was 8.1 percent. The unemployment rate in July 2012 was 8.3 percent..

Referring to Republicans proposals to overturn ObamaCare, Pres. Obama may joke - as he did in his remarks in Fort Collins, after sneezing - that, “It gives me a cold just thinking what they might do.”

But his single-minded pursuit of ObamaCare when the country needed a strong leader on the economy may provide the country with something much worse than a cold.

“Over the coming decade, Obamacare taxes will reach $1 trillion, including new taxes on workers’ wages and capital income, as well as taxes on insurers and manufacturers of medical products. These will get passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices and the taxes imposed on employers that will destroy jobs,” wrote James C. Capretta for the Heritage Foundation in a recent issue brief titled, “Obamacare Remains a Budgetary and Policy Disaster.”