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Splitting student funding to support their choices

By | December 20th, 2012

During the “Financing Student Success” panel discussion at the Colorado State Capitol on Dec. 6, state Sen. Michael Johnston, D-Denver, described the concept of “fractionalizing” student funding…

“I do think if we’re going to build a finance formula for the next quarter-century, we have to build one that allows kids to access content where they can find it the best and the easiest.”

“…For a child to be able to say, I’d like to be able take Japanese online, or be able to take a community college course, or be able to take welding - if my school doesn’t offer - means it’s easier to fractionalize the funding that goes along with that. And now a kid has dollars that she can spend on a course that she wants to take for content that maybe she can’t find in her own building.”

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