Vote for my Colorado debate question: too much government?

By | October 11th, 2010

For the Colorado gubernatorial debate on Wednesday, 9NEWS invited anyone to come up with questions for the candidates and submit them online. The deadline was Sunday. Here’s my video question:

“Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said this, ‘Our way of life is being challenged by an economy where we have too much debt, too big a government, too much spending and taxes being too high. We all know it in our hearts.’ For each of the gubernatorial candidates, do you agree with that? And if so, what would you cut from state spending in Colorado and why?”

9News is also asking people to vote on which questions they’d like to hear asked during the debate among the three candidates: Tom Tancredo, Dan Maes and John Hickenlooper.

Go to and type “big government” into the search box to find, and vote for, my video.

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