Wisc. Lt. Gov.: Women targeted as “Obama defectors” will be “mighty insulted”

By | September 25th, 2012

NARAL has a national plan to target 338,000 women - some who may support Mitt Romney, based on the struggling economy - to instead help re-elect Pres. Obama by highlighting abortion and reproductive issues. NARAL calls them “Obama defectors.”

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch has another phrase for how those women may respond to that targeting: “mighty insulted.”

We asked Kleefisch for her response to a Daily Caller story about NARAL’s plan to help Pres. Obama. Here’s what she said…

“You know, right now, women are concerned about making ends meet. And, the President has been trying to dictate to the women of America our priority list. Which is very unusual, that a man would tell the women of America what is most important in their lives and that, what in fact is most important is abortion.”

“I think when the 338,000, I believe, target women who they call ‘Obama defectors’ find out that that’s how they have been labeled - and that somehow the President’s campaign believes that they are entitled to those votes - those 338,000-plus women are going to be mighty insulted.”

Kleefisch was interviewed on Sept. 21 in St. Louis, Mo., after her remarks at the annual meeting of Eagle Forum, “a national, non-partisan, pro-family policy organization.”

Kleefisch, a Republican, serves as Wisconsin’s “Jobs Ambassador” and spearheads the Governor’s Small Business Summits. Along with Gov. Scott Walker, she won retention in a June recall election and is on the front lines in the battle for the women’s vote in Wisconsin. She is part of the “Women for Mitt” Romney coalition.

Wisconsin, like Colorado, is a key battleground state in the presidential election. Independent women in or near large population centers appear to be where the so-called “Obama defectors” are located.

Reuters reported this…

“Using micro-targeting tools, NARAL narrowed [its] pool to a select group of 338,020 women, living not just in nine battleground states, but in 25 specific counties within those states. In Ohio, for example, it has identified 43,067 women in Cuyahoga County, 43,616 in Franklin County and 20,432 in Hamilton County. In Wisconsin, it is looking at 15,855 in Milwaukee County, 1,993 in Racine County and just 993 in Kenosha County.”

As we’ve noted here recently, NARAL and other elements of the Obama coalition would rather have women focused on social issues than on jobs and the economy.

In this year’s presidential election, single women voters are particularly in play, as reported by The New York Times

“They have had a harder time than married women paying rent, getting medical care and finding jobs. While the jobless rate for married women has stayed relatively low, at 5.6 percent compared with 2.6 percent before the recession, the rate for unmarried women has risen to 11 percent, from a pre-recession level of 6 percent,” the newspaper reported in a story titled, “In Weak Economy, an Opening to Court Votes of Single Women.”