Wisconsin election recalls: the grown-ups win

Back in February of 2011, the Wisconsin public employees unions became a cause célèbre among labor unions and Democrat politicians nationwide. Together, they organized rallies, such as one in Colorado Springs, where Colorado AFL-CIO Vice President (and El Paso County Democratic Party 2nd Vice Chair) Chuck Bader held the mike for El Paso Democratic Party Chair Kathleen Ricker:

“This is about collective bargaining. It’s about having the guts to come and sit at the table, and negotiate with the citizens of Wisconsin, the teachers of their children, and their friends and neighbors in the community. Sit down at the table, Gov. Walker! Sit down and negotiate like a grown-up, negotiate with other grown-ups!”

Ms. Ricker, do you mean these adults?



Or perhaps you mean these adults?

With adults like these, no wonder the Wisconsin unions immediately went on a year-and-a-half long losing streak in recall and state Supreme Court elections.