• Students using payday loans and credit cards to fund education in Colorado

    By Tom Intorcio| Apr 11, 2013

    Almost half of the students in colorado turn to overdrafts, credit cards, and search online for payday loan places like these to cover their living costs at university.

  • Teachers union official: Charter schools in Colorado “a segregation tool”

    By Tom Intorcio| Mar 28, 2013

    Tony Salazar, executive director of the Colorado Education Association - the union that represents 38,000 teachers and others in the state - told WhoSaidYouSaid.com that charter schools in Colorado have been used as ”a segregation tool for affluent white children.” Salazar’s barbed comment reflects the left’s intent to discredit school choice as discriminatory, when the real [...]

  • Real school choice: when the dollars follows the child

    By Tom Intorcio| Mar 22, 2013

    “…When it comes to education, let the Democrats extol the virtues of our hopelessly antiquated one-size-fits-all factory schools where the child follows the dollars,” said Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., at CPAC. “Meanwhile, let us feature the success of child-centered education solutions that meet the needs of the digital age, education where the dollars follow the child.”

  • Jonah Goldberg: How conservatives should promote school choice

    By Tom Intorcio| Mar 19, 2013

    “…One of the things conservatives really have to work better at is explaining to people that school choice and issues like that aren’t simply ways to break the backs of teacher unions,” said Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online. “They’re actually the best policies for improving the plight of young people.”

  • Heath: Proposed Colo. tax hike for K-12 a bite of “the elephant”

    By Ben DeGrow| Mar 9, 2013

    Official numbers have been hard to come by regarding a proposed rewrite of Colorado’s school financing, but the best estimates show property and income taxpayers from wealthier areas picking up a disproportionate burden for very little or no return to their local K-12 schools. Districts like Denver and Aurora figure to hit the jackpot.